100 Days of Social Puppy

(Note-This is a running Blog. Please scroll to the end to see the most recent images added each week.) #100DaysOfSocialPuppy Socializing your puppy before completing vaccine protection has always been a balance between safety and healthy behavioral growth. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) asserts that "eventual dog behavior problems stemming from lack of puppy socialization are of much more concern than the chance of your puppy contracting a disease from a public place." The "window of opportunity" for socializing your puppy is from birth to 12 weeks of age. This stage can be the most powerful time to shape his future. Socializing your puppy/dog to new environments continue

A Day in the Life of the Admiral - Guest Blog for Hugs

Hugs has a home with a very enthusiastic new friend. Jim sent us a series of notes over the past month chronicling his experiences in guiding Hugs as he grows into his new home. AWE Border Collies Note from Jim, Apparently, I am the oldest member of the group that has adopted your first litter. From some of the pictures, maybe not by a long shot. My idea is to approach your Blog from a Senior’s perspective. People might wrestle with the idea of “am I too old to take on such a responsibility”? Negativism is not my style and never has been (after all, being in sales/marketing all my life was not for naysayers) and I am a realist. Stuff happens! But, that’s true at any age. I have back-up

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