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The Puppy Gallery

(Each Picture is a story. Why not puppy tails?)

The gallery below is for AWE Luna's and C2C Beau litter.

Watch this slide show of the of the 5 Boys and 1 girl.
DOB August 15, 2019
AWE Luna and C2C Beau
"Full Moon" Litter

AWE BC Luna and C2C Beau produced black and white as well as red and white and are either tri-colored/tan points in varying degrees or non-tri-colored. They will all have medium coat of silky or wavy texture and weigh 35-45 pounds at full development. Their eye color varies from brown to green. Although these Border Collies have strong genetic traits toward herding, they can go in any direction from agility to obedience or search and rescue and yet will still love to cuddle with family at the end of the day.

Titan - Male 8 Weeks


Triton - Male 8 Weeks


Io - Female 8 Weeks


Deimos - Male 8 Weeks

Pluto - Male 8 Weeks

Oberon - Male 8 Weeks

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