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Safe Practices for Puppy Selection and Adoption

We understand the thrill our puppy parents experience in anticipating their adoption of an AWE Border Collie Puppy. The sweet little fluff balls are adorable from the moment they are whelped until they are squirming in your arms with their tail wagging.


The process begins with anticipating your new family member when you learn you are on the all-important waiting list. Your excitement rises on learning of the birthday. You suffer daily distractions while following the progress of the litter's growth and education.  You live for the day you are able to identify the adorable little guy you want to give a loving life, and then count the days filled with eager impatience until you can take it in your arms to see its forever-home.

AWE BC makes every effort to give each new puppy parent the best experience possible by including those on the list in every step of the way. We provide pictures, videos, various social platform updates, emails, in-person conversation, and visits.

With the Covid-19 Pandemic, some parts of the process must change, but in minor ways.

We have always protected the health of the litters through smart distancing practices until the puppies have robust immune systems in place. The changes we foresee are a step above our routine to provide distancing for the humans. With the intense level of participation, we inject into the lives of the puppies to educate them in the mastery of our "Building Blocks" methods. We cannot take time out to be ill through the entire time of their nurturing.


We will detail the changes to our process directly with the members of our adoption list as we proceed through the stages of this pandemic. Thank you for your understanding.


AWE Border Collies 

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