(ABCA#453367/ AKC#DN50746701)

Owned by: Caren and Gregg Mattson 

      Luna is a Medium silky coated, black and white tri color female border collie with true Irish Spotting (white blaze, collar and tail tip). Although Luna is a black and white tri color, her mother is a red and white Tri, so Luna carries the red color genetics and can produce red and white puppies.


       She has the acute sense of smell like her mother who excelled at Canine Nosework. Luna’s puppies would do wonderful at any search and rescue or therapy work. She has that keen natural herding “eye” with a medium to high drive. Very biddable and should produce some awesome offspring that could go any direction desired.


       Luna is CLEAR on the full panel of BC DNA tested diseases.


       Luna’s mother is a Red/white tri and her father a black/white tri-colored Border Collie (he carries the red gene). Luna also carries the Red color gene and can produce reds with the right male mate

       Luna is about 20 inches tall (at the shoulders) and weighs approximately 38 lbs. Dual Registered: AKC and ABCA.


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