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The Process

(Pictures are worth 1000 words. Why not now?)

AWE Border Collies is the Pet Photography Subsidiary of

Memories Now Photography

Professional Moments Before the Memories Fade


Professional photography is traditionally a labor-intense process requiring time to complete your pictures. This process can take weeks or even months. These are the pictures that will remind you of those special moments for the rest of your life. We know you would prefer to enjoy your photographs while you are in the moment.


Memories Now Photography is just that, your memories, available now. Your special event images are professionally captured, edited and available on our web site within minutes of when we take the photographs. While your event is still taking place, you can view the finished digital images that your photographer captured just moments before. Your images are then available on a password-protected gallery, ready for your enjoyment.


As with any one-time event, those moments can slip away. Without a professional dedicated to preserving them, your memories are lost to time. Without Memories Now Photography, concentrating on capturing the moment means the photographer must wait until the event is over before processing their photographs.


Memories Now Photography breaks those barriers, blending everything you should expect from traditional professional photography with our own unique system. We process your photographs without the delay, making them available to you through your web-enabled computer, tablet or smart-phone. What can be more reassuring or fun than knowing how wonderful your event pictures are, even before the party ends?

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