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Michael photographs a landscape

Michael Mattson

The PhoTographer and Owner

Bachelor's of Science, Business Marketing

Academic Certificate in Entrepreneurship

University of Idaho


Michael started drawing at a very young age. He was intrigued by the idea of making the images in his head show up on paper. When introduced to photography, the world of art became limitless. Michael recognized that his art could now capture passing moments existing for only a fraction of a second.


Appreciating the fleeting nature of our cherished moments, Michael saw that his passion for photography could artistically preserve the memories of others, not just his own. Seeing the value he could provide, Michael attended the University of Idaho and earned his Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Marketing and an Academic Certificate in Entrepreneurship knowing that a business education would enable him to provide photographic services that preserve the memories of many.


Through Memories Now Photography, Michael applies his passion for his art to your special events with the mission of safeguarding your memories to be enjoyed now and for many years to come.  

gregg Mattson

the technology designer


Certified in Electronics Telecommunications and Electronics Technology (University of Alaska)

Business Management

Project Management (Certification from Colorado State University)

Entrepreneur experience in several start-up businesses 

Management Accounting Certification

Published Novelist


Self-proclaimed Comedian

caren Mattson

The business and financial operator

Accounting Certification (Alaska Business College)

Administrative Management

Human Resources Management

Accounting configuration for several start-up businesses

Published Journalist

“Multi-tasking” Extraordinaire

Emotional Cheerleader

Bean Master!


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